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SafeWay Driver Fitness Centers was initially established to help healthcare professionals assess medically at-risk drivers with cognitive issues due to any number of diseases, conditions, medications or substance abuse. 


With a long history of providing leading edge products to the entire medical industry, placing a high priority on cognitive fitness to drive was a natural fit for the organization. We are/were able reach a multitude of different specialists with the goal of educating these healthcare professional about how important it was to assess the medically at-risk driver.  


Although assessing the medically at-risk driver still remains a large part of the valuable services, SafeWay offers, the demand for products, programs and technologies designed to assess and remediate other driver fitness concerns has driven SafeWay to create valuable partnerships and develop value-add solutions. 


Our Mission is to enable professionals in the healthcare, human resource and education areas at making decisions that revolve around safe driving and cognitive fitness to drive. Ultimately, we want to ensure road and community safety whenever and wherever possible. We feel that when we accomplish this, we play a huge part in reducing the financial and human costs related to driver fitness and driver safety of any kind. 


We consider those who help us achieve our goals, our partners. From the technology and program partners who provide solutions, to the professionals who care enough to go the proverbial "extra mile" when addressing safety, and to the drivers themselves (and their loved ones) who do what it takes to become safer by mitigating risk. 


We also value our education, government, non-profit and insurance partners who consistently concentrate on safety being their #1 goal by working diligently and tirelessly at reducing collisions, injuries and fatalities. 

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