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Driver Behavior Modification Initiative

Improve Community Safety by Assisting Drivers in Modifying Their Behavior

SafeWay Driver Fitness Centers, in partnership with Paradigm Driving Solutions, has created the Driver Behavior Modification Initiative for municipalities to adopt. The Initiative incorporates a unique approach that addresses traffic safety by targeting driver behavior.

According to the Insurance Information Institute, certain driving behaviors are more indicative of future recidivism and increased safety risk1. Instead of following the traditional avenue of penalizing drivers, consider offering a driver modification class that focusses on modifying offender behavior.  The goal of the program is 0% re-offenses, which will result in fewer injuries and deaths.

The Driver Behavior Modification Initiative will compel drivers to evaluate their attitude toward traffic safety and apply the knowledge acquired to further develop their behind the wheel skills. Relying on demerit points and fines to improve traffic safety is not enough! Continuing education is needed to ensure compliance. 

1 Insurance Information Institute, New York, NY


Reduces re-offenses and avoids potential traffic incidents and tragedies.

Illustrates to the community that the police department and municipality are passionate about traffic safety.

The Driver Behavior Modification Program improves police/community relationships.

Saves time and money for the municipality by reducing the amount of time police officers and prosecutors need to be in court.

The program will increase per-citation revenue for the municipality.



SafeWay Driver Fitness Centers and Paradigm Driving Solutions will work with your municipality to offer the program to traffic offenders.


Drivers are offered a choice: pay the fine and receive the demerit points, go to court to contest the violation or pay to take the Driver Modification class.


The curriculum was created by a nationally recognized and certified driving instructor who has a passion for modifying driver behavior.


During pre-determined days of the month, SafeWay conducts the

90-minute educational class at a local facility.


The class is taught by current and retired law enforcement officers.


SafeWay sends documents and proof of completion certificates to satisfy the requirements of the municipality.


The municipality receives a significant portion of the fees collected by SafeWay.


A mid/large northwestern city wanted to show the community the compassion and “heart” behind their police department’s effort to reduce traffic violations and improve roadway safety.

The city was frustrated by lack of driver improvement through fine-based enforcement and began searching for alternatives to combat the dilemma. Paradigm Driving Solutions partnered with the city to assist in achieving their goals by instituting the Initiative. Since inception, the city is experiencing a notable reduction in re-offenses.

By adopting the Initiative, the city is receiving tens of thousands of dollars per month and, at the same time, saving a substantial amount of money by keeping officers in the field and out of the courtroom.

Learn how your municipality can take advantage of the program by contacting us at: 888-306-1119 or email:

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