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Driver Selection

Safeway Driver Fitness Centers is a provider of DriverFit, the worlds first job fit assessment tool developed specifically for drivers. 

DriverFit can analyze your best drivers and create a custom benchmark so that you can compare applicants for a driving position to your best and brightest employees. 


Click here to learn more about DriverFit.

Novice Training

Safeway is an exclusive network partner for the Pulse Driving Online Awareness training program for novice drivers. Utilizing a platform that is mobile enabled for smart phones, tablets and computers, novice drivers receive an awareness module once a month for 1 year during the post licensing period. 

Click here to learn more about the Pulse Driving Program.

Driver Testing

SafeWay Driver Fitness Centers is proud to able to provide healthcare professionals, safety/fleet directors, government agencies and concerned loved ones valuable information regarding the medically at-risk driver.


Click here to learn more about our medical testing solutions.

Post-Collision Anxiety Screen

Insight Post-Collision Anxiety Screen is a convenient, secure and reliable method to identify clients more likely to experience post-collision anxiety leading to better client outcomes through early identification and treatment as well as fair compensation for their emotional injuries. It is important to identify individuals who are more likely to experience heightened and persistent driver anxiety so it can be treated early. 

Click here to learn more about this anxiety screen.

Fleet Training

Safeway provides 

technologies and programs to help companies big and small identify and address areas of concern with drivers in their organization. Using top technologies and driver trainers we can help you identify drivers with a potential weakness and help you strengthen those areas.

Click here to learn more about our Fleet Training Solutions.

Driver Behavior Modification 

An initiative created to target driver behavior with the goal of making the roads safer.

Click here to learn more about our Driver Behavior Modification Initiative.


Our Story

SafeWay Driver Fitness Centers is proud to offer leading technology solutions and consulting services to professionals in the healthcare, human resource, legal and safety/risk management fields with regards to driver fitness on many levels. Furthermore, SafeWay Driver Fitness Centers have developed programs that center around community support. Whether it’s a concerned family member or loved one or, perhaps, a community outreach center, we have the tools that will assist in ensuring driver safety and overall fitness to drive. Learn more.

Our Vision

Our focus has and always will be on reducing collisions and keeping our roadways safer. We are passionate about providing the best cognitive fitness tests, driver training programs and driver selection platforms for our valued clients. 


We provide a wide range of technology solutions to our clients. From fleet and novice driver training to our medical testing programs we are capable of providing the right technology solution for you and your needs.




Tel: 888-306-1119
Fax: 262-347-3724
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New Berlin, WI 53151
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