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FleetDefense is one of the most advanced and effective e-learning platforms for drivers in the world.  Combining a state-of-the-art browser-based platform with leading industry content, country-specific video footage and unique learning and occupational design principles, its no wonder some of the largest companies use FleetDefense as one of their primary training tools.


FleetDefense trains the way adults learn best, testing drivers not just once, but at regular intervals – and in a modular design you can customize with local content to target specific collisions and/or behaviour.

Test drivers regularly to improve long-term learning and retention.  Through interval training, you can assign courses monthly, biweekly or weekly.

Accommodate different learning styles by explaining the problem, proving it with stats, then showing the solution with HD video – all using local content.

Testing core concepts each week or month dramatically improves learning and retention of core principles.  Automatic notifications of upcoming modules or overdue lessons increase driver compliance in completing the program.


All modules take less than 20 minutes to complete

All modules use real-life footage, which drivers prefer over cartoon-like, computer animation

Modules feature local content, footage and languages from over 70 countries

System automatically sends emails on upcoming and overdue lessons, decreasing the cost of administration and increasing compliance

Clients see dramatic reductions in collisions and in the severity of collisions

Enterprise companies can take advantage of custom modules, vehicle policy modules or President’s Message modules incorporated into the training platform *

In some countries, medium duty, commercial vehicle and two-wheeler modules available

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